OpenED In January 2019, Kelly’s is a local market inspired by the corner grocery of the 1960’s.

After immigrating to the U.S. in 1963, my granddad, Vince Kelly, opened Kelly’s Market in Culver City, CA. As residents of Decatur’s Old Depot District, we see the same need for a local market with a sense of community. Here’s what we’re planning:

The stuff you loved…

  • Beer & Wine Selection

  • Deli

  • Grocery Essentials

And the stuff we hope you’ll love…

  • Fresh Produce and Flowers

  • Locally Sourced Meat

  • Wine & Beer Clubs and Special Events

kelly’s market beer club



Welcome to month #2 of Kelly’s Beer Club! Unlike the average club, ours is a beer and food pairing package that you reserve, pick up and take home to enjoy. No commitment, no monthly fee, no secret handshakes. Well, maybe a secret handshake because that would be funny. 

Here's how our Beer Club works:

Each month we'll feature a different style, brewery, region or theme along with a thoughtful pairing.

Members will receive advance notice of each month's beer selection and can opt "IN" or "OUT" to reserve their package.

Any unreserved packages will go on sale to the public on the release date.

Members will also receive some exclusive perks, because why else be a member if there aren't exclusive perks?

February's inaugural event was a smashing success and we're back for more. For this month's offering, we've partnered with Central State Brewing from Indianapolis. We've always been fans of CSB's Table Beer, so we've added three more to the mix and paired them with the perfect cheeses.  Here's the deal:

Four 16oz beers with cheese pairings for $25
Available for pickup Thursday, March 14 after 5:00pm

We're an easy goin' bunch, so there is never a commitment to participate in the monthly club. Just hit the button hit the Beer Me button below or send us an email to reserve your spot. Also check out Central State Brewing's website to learn more about their beers.

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There is a limited quantity based on availability and what is not reserved will be open to the public. To get in on the action of for more information please call the store or email us: howdy@kmdecatur.com

Not a beer fan, worry not, wine club launching in March! Stay tuned for more exciting news from Kelly's Market.


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